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General Information.

Store Hours.  General store hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Store hours are adjusted for weekend special events, registration, book buyback, Saturday exams, and non-enrollment periods.

Payments.  The Bookstore accepts cash, checks, bankcards, and the “Lynx Card” debit card. Imprinted personal checks should contain current address, telephone, ID#, and driver’s license number. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA are accepted. Valid ID may be required on all non-cash transactions.

Refund Policies.  Textbook Refund Policy The Bookstore will grant full refunds on textbooks within 7 calendar days from the first day of classes or 2 calendar days if purchased thereafter. Receipts are needed for all textbook refund transactions during that 7 calendar day timeframe. Textbooks purchased the last week of classes or during examination periods are ineligible for refunds. Refunds will be made in cash at the time the books are returned if purchased by cash or check; otherwise a credit will be issued.

Non-Text Refund Policies.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Return any item purchased with receipt of purchase and receive replacement, exchange, credit, or refund.

Discounted Sales.  Faculty and Staff of Rhodes A discount of 10% off list or retail price is offered to all College employees and members of their immediate families. Merchandise not covered by this practice includes: textbooks, software, stamps, health and beauty aids, snacks/food, and sale merchandise (already marked down). A customer wishing the discount should alert the Bookstore Cashier regarding eligibility as spouse, family, or Rhodes employee. Departmental/Organizational Discounts Merchandise is purchased at retail cost, less 20% discount. In some cases, quantity purchases or purchase of gifts to be given from the College may earn a greater discount (contact the Bookstore Manager). Merchandise not covered by this practice includes: textbooks, software, stamps, health and beauty aids, snacks/food, and sale merchandise (already marked down).

Bookstore Charge Accounts.  Personal Charge AccountsPersonal charge accounts are extended to College employees and full-time Rhodes students. An application for credit must be completed, approved, and on file in order to use this privilege. The charge account is a 9-month, academic year privilege and the outstanding balance must be at $0.00 in order to validate for the second semester. The outstanding balance from the second semester is due in full by May 31.

Charges to College Departments, Offices, and Organizations.  Departments, offices, and organizations of the campus may charge merchandise from the Bookstore. Receipt is provided upon purchase, and a monthly statement of charges is provided by the Bookstore to the Finance Office. See section on Discounted Sales for additional details.

Credit Limitations/Payment Schedules.  Credit Limitation of $650 is extended to each account. Payments are due monthly. The Comptroller’s Office will be informed on a regular basis should a customer fail to meet payment requirements. Credit suspension or reduction in limits will result and subsequent purchases will be paid by cash, personal check, or credit card.

Finance Charge.  No finance charge is made when the balance is paid in full each month. For unpaid balances a finance charge is made. The finance charge is based on the adjusted balance, the balance owed at the end of the previous billing cycle, minus any payments and credits received during the present billing cycle. This adjusted balance is multiplied by the monthly finance charge rate of 1 1/2% monthly or 18% annually.

Delinquent Accounts.  Following suspension of charge privileges due to delinquent account status of older than 120 days, and notification to the customer, the account will be referred to a collection firm for recovery. Withdrawal or Termination Any outstanding balance due the Bookstore must be paid prior to receiving approved withdrawal from College, or termination as an employee. In cooperation with the Student Affairs Office and Rhodes Express, the amount owed the Bookstore is noted and paid by the student. Termination procedures for employees involve the Human Resources Office and Rhodes Express and includes the option of payroll deduction or direct payment to the Bookstore before termination is complete.

Other Information.

Pilferage and Shoplifting.  Shoplifting and pilferage are Honor Code violations and will be prosecuted. The presentation of stolen books for refund or for sale during the Used Book Buy back periods is also considered an Honor Code violation.

Bad Check Handling.  Banks charge a significant penalty on all returned checks, which will be passed on to the customer. Bad checks received as payment on a customer’s Bookstore charge account will be charged back to that account. If payment is not made in full within 30 days upon notification to the customer, validation will be revoked by the Registrar. Repeated practice of writing bad checks will result in termination of all charge privileges, and following customer notification, where no response results, the account will be submitted to a collection agency. The repeated writing of bad checks is considered an Honor Code violation.