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Communicable Disease Policy

The spread of life threatening communicable diseases in recent years has prompted Rhodes to adopt a policy regarding the employment of those who have a life threatening communicable disease.

In accordance with relevant provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Rhodes will not terminate employees based merely upon the fact that they have a life threatening communicable disease, so long as such persons remain qualified to perform the essential functions of their job and they continue to perform in a satisfactory manner.

Employees will be expected not to refuse to work with such persons because they have a life threatening communicable disease and are prohibited from harassing, intimidating, or otherwise discriminating against persons who have a life threatening communicable disease.

There is at present no mandatory testing of employees.

Employees affected by a life threatening communicable disease are encouraged to contact the Director of Human Resources to discuss their concerns. The College will use its best efforts to restrict confidential information regarding the employee’s condition to those who need to know.

All employees in areas which require handling of blood or other body fluids or secretions may be subject to additional requirements or safety guidelines.

In recognition of the importance of awareness, prevention, and proper medical care, Rhodes will make basic information about life threatening communicable diseases available to employees. Educational information and literature on life threatening communicable diseases are available in the Moore Moore Student Health Center and the Student Counseling and Development Center.

In effect April 26, 2004.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.