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Drug Policy

The possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs, the misuse or abuse of medications or other legal drugs on the Rhodes campus is prohibited. Such conduct:

  • Violates the law;
  • Violates one’s physical and mental health; and
  • Violates the fabric of the community with serious security risks resulting in dealing with individuals operating outside the law.

The students, faculty, and staff of Rhodes, as citizens, are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable state and local laws that make it a crime to possess, sell, deliver or manufacture those drugs considered to be “controlled substances” by the state of Tennessee. Any member of the Rhodes community who violates the law is subject to both prosecution and punishment by civil authorities and to disciplinary proceedings by the College.

Students, faculty, or staff at Rhodes are subject to disciplinary action for the possession, manufacture, use, sale, or distribution (by either sale or gift) of any quantity of any prescription drug or controlled substance or for being under the influence of any prescription drug or controlled substance, except for the appropriate use of an over-the-counter medication or for the prescribed use of medication in accordance with the instructions of a licensed physician. Controlled substances include, but are not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, cocaine derivatives, heroin, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD, PCP, and substances typically known as “designer drugs” such as “ecstasy” or “eve.” Possession of paraphernalia associated with the use, possession or manufacture of a prescription drug or controlled substance is also prohibited. Students, faculty or staff also are subject to disciplinary action for the misuse or abuse of mind altering substances (e.g., Amylnitrate, Ephedrine, etc.). The penalties to be imposed by the College may range from probation to suspension or expulsion from one’s place of residence, to expulsion from enrollment, or termination from employment. However, the following minimum penalties shall be imposed, in the discretion of the College.

Violations by Employees of College Drug Policy

All Rhodes employees are responsible for compliance with the College Drug Policy. The following employee regulations represent the College’s policy concerning illegal drugs:

  • While at work, all employees are prohibited from being under the influence of illegal drugs. Violations of this regulation will be subject to discipline, including termination.
  • The sale, possession, transfer, manufacture or purchase of illegal drugs or the misuse of legal drugs on College property or while performing College business is strictly prohibited. Any such actions will be reported to appropriate law enforcement officials and is cause for immediate termination.
  • Employees who exhibit chronic erratic or unusual behavior, incur excessive absences or incidents of tardiness, are involved in a work-related accident, or otherwise give the College reasonable cause to believe they are under the influence of drugs will be subject to drug and alcohol testing and possible disciplinary action as stated in the procedures for “Employee Discipline.”

In effect April 26, 2004.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.