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Employment and Selection Guidelines - Faculty

Faculty Hiring Procedures from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty

  • Revised October 2009 by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Faculty Personnel
  • Revised March 2007 by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Faculty Personnel

Introduction. It is the policy of Rhodes College to establish and adhere to consistent and standard employment procedures. This guide is a brief summary of the key points central to conducting a successful search. It is one of several resources available to individuals with responsibility for recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring of employees. It is Rhodes′ policy that recruitment for all faculty positions reflects a commitment to equal employment opportunity, good personnel management practices, and the mission and goals of the College.

This guide is intended to provide general assistance. It is not intended to address all possible scenarios related to recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring.

Revised October 26, 2009
In effect March 9, 2007
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs