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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where do I go or how should I help my friend immediately after a sexual assault?

A:  Here are some immediate first steps.

Q:  Where do I report sexual misconduct or sex/gender discrimination?

A:  Rhodes wants to make it very clear where all forms of gender/sex discrimination and sexual misconducted should be reported.  You may begin the reporting process by entering the information here OR you may contact one of the designated Title IX officials at Rhodes:

Title IX Coordinator
Tiffany B. Cox
Phone: (901) 843-3354

Another option is to report the incident to any Resident Assistant or Peer Advocate, faculty or staff member who will then pass the information to one of the Title IX Coordinators.

Q:  This is overwhelming.  Is there someone who can help me understand more about the policy and my next decisions?

A:  Yes!  The Title IX Coordinator will visit with you in a safe place to help walk you through the options.  Your decisions don’t have to be made all in one visit!  It takes time to process and we want you to ask any and all questions you may have. 

The college also has a trained group of faculty and staff who can provide assistance to either the claimant or the respondent during the entire process.  A list of faculty and staff who serve in these roles may be obtained from the Title IX coordinator.

Q:  Is there anyone I can speak to confidentially at Rhodes?

Yes, confidential resources are available!

Q:  If I share a report of harassment or misconduct with a faculty member or a member of the Rhodes staff, will they be able to keep it confidential?

A:  All Rhodes faculty and staff must report any incident of sexual misconduct or sex/gender harassment to either the Title IX Coordinator.  This also includes Resident Assistants and Peer Advocates.

Q:  If I share a report with another student may they keep it confidential?

A:  Yes, but the college strongly encourages individuals who have been involved in, or who know of, or who have witnessed incidents of Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct to report such incidents as soon as possible. 

Q:  Where do I seek assistance if I have been accused of discrimination or misconduct?

A:  A student accused (the respondent) of violating the sex/gender and sexual misconduct policy should seek assistance from either the Title IX Coordinator (listed above.)

Q:   Do I have any protections provided by the college as a claimant or a respondent to an accusation?

Yes.  It’s important to know that both parties will be provided the following procedural protections and considerations.

Q:  Can I report an incident and choose to not be involved in the process any further?

A:  Yes, a report can even be made anonymously hereReporters are also encouraged to meet with the Title IX Coordinator (see above).  After making a report, you may choose to end your involvement in the process, may choose to be or not to be involved in the college’s investigation and any related proceedings, or you may choose to file a formal Claim and pursue a Formal Resolution against the respondent or an Informal Resolution Conference.