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Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Plan Sponsor. This Plan is sponsored by Rhodes College, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112.

Benefits Provided. The benefits provided by this Plan are administered in accordance with the terms and provisions of group policy ABL 624262 effective January 1, 1978. The current insurance company is The Life Insurance Company of North America. Request for information concerning The Life Insurance Company of North America contract terms, condition and interpretation thereof, claims thereunder, any requests for review of such claims and service of legal process may be directed in writing to: The Life Insurance Company of North America c/o Marsh Advantage, 1000 Ridgeway Loop Road, Memphis, TN 38120.

Eligible Participants and Description of Coverage(s). Participants included are all active, full-time faculty and staff categories A and B. Each employee becomes eligible for insurance under the Plan on the first day of employment. Enrollment is automatic.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Principal Sum $75,000. The entire cost of this benefit is currently being paid by Rhodes.

The principal sum is payable to your beneficiary in case of your death as a result of injury sustained in a covered accident (within one year). The principal sum is also payable for loss (in a covered accident) of two hands, feet or eyes, or a combination of any two of these. One half the principal sum is payable for loss of one hand, foot or eye. One quarter of the principal sum is payable for loss of thumb and index finger of the same hand. The aggregate limit of liability for all losses due to any one accident shall be $1,000,000.

Coverage is provided for accidents which occur while you are traveling on business of the policyholder including while riding as a passenger in an aircraft operated by airline or Military Airlift Command, or while traveling directly to or from such a flight as a passenger in a land conveyance licensed for the transportation of passengers for hire.

Exclusion. This Plan does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from any one or more of the following exclusions:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injuries, suicide or any attempt at suicide;
  • Declared or undeclared war or any act thereof;
  • Accident occurring while you are serving on full-time active duty in the Armed Forces of any country or international authority;
  • Illness, disease, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or any bacterial infection occurring in consequence of an accidental cut or wound;
  • Travel or flight in any vehicle or device for (1) navigation beyond the earth’s atmosphere, or (2) any vehicle or device for aerial navigation;
    • While being used for any test or experimental purpose. While an insured is operating, learning to operate, or serving as a member of the crew.
    • While being operated by or for or under the direction of any military authority, other than transport type aircraft operated by the Military Airlift Command (MAC) of the United States of America or the similar air transport service of any other country or;
    • If such aircraft or device is owned or leased by or on behalf of the policyholder or any subsidiary or affiliate of such policyholder, or by an insured or any member of his household or;
    • While being used for fire fighting, pipeline inspection, powerline inspection, aerial photography, or exploration.

Exposure and Disappearance. Loss resulting from unavoidable exposure to the elements and arising out of hazards described above shall be covered to the extent of the benefits afforded an insured.

If the body of an insured has not been found within one year of the disappearance, stranding, sinking, or wrecking of any vehicle in which an insured was an occupant, then it shall be presumed, subject to all other provisions and conditions of the policy that an insured has suffered loss of life covered under this policy.

Loss of Benefits — Ineligibility. The Plan Sponsor may terminate the policy on or before any premium due date or, subject to the approval of the insurance company, may modify, amend, or change the policy without consent of insured person.

Your individual coverage terminates whenever you terminate employment, when you are no longer eligible, or when the group policy terminates, whichever happens first.

Funding. This Plan is paid for by Rhodes out of its general assets and is funded through the group policy. The plan year is July through June.

How to File a Claim. Any loss covered by the policy should be reported to the Plan Administrator by you or your beneficiary. Claim forms will be furnished. After completion, attach any necessary papers and return them to the Plan Administrator so they can be filed with the insurance carrier within 90 days from the date of loss. If any claim is denied in whole or in part, the claimant will be notified in writing.

Claim Denials. In any situation where a claim for benefits is denied, the insurance company will send the Plan Administrator a written communication specifically setting forth the reason for that denial, which will be delivered to the claimant. If you do not agree with the decision, you may request a full and fair review of the claim by the Plan Administrator who will decide whether to submit it for appeal to the insurance company. If it is submitted for appeal, it will be reviewed by the insurance company’s Claim Review Board comprised of the Chief Claim Officer, the Medical Director, and the officer in charge of the Group Department (or his representative). The decision of this Board will be final. Any further appeal would require legal action.

For a statement of ERISA rights, see ERISA.

In effect April 26, 2004.
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