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Alcohol and Social Event Policy for Faculty and Staff

Employee Responsibility for College Alcohol Policy Enforcement

Employees who organize or sponsor a student group involved in an institutionally sponsored activity of the College, whether on or off campus, have the responsibility to take all reasonable measures to enforce the College’s Alcohol Policy. Reasonable measures would include (but not limited to): required use of identification when alcohol is allowed, monitors utilized, etc.

Failure to comply with these responsibilities will be considered a violation of the Alcohol Policy and violators will be subject to disciplinary action suited to the severity of the violation as stated in the section entitled “Employee Discipline and Termination.”

Violations by Employees of College Alcohol Policy.

All Rhodes College employees are responsible for compliance with the College Alcohol Policy. The following employee regulations represent the College’s policy concerning alcohol:

  1. While at work, all employees are prohibited from being under the influence of alcohol to the point where, in the opinion of the College, judgment or performance is impaired.
  2. Employees who exhibit chronic erratic or unusual behavior, incur excessive absences or incidents of tardiness, are involved in a work-related accident, or otherwise give the College reasonable cause to believe they are under the influence of alcohol will be subject to drug and alcohol testing and possible disciplinary action as stated in the College Handbook, “Employee Discipline and Termination.”

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