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Employment and Selection Guidelines - Staff


It is the policy of Rhodes College to establish and adhere to consistent and standard employment procedures. This guide is a brief summary of the key points central to conducting a successful search. It is a resource for individuals responsible for recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring of employees. It is Rhodes′ policy that recruitment for all full and part-time staff positions reflects a commitment to equal employment opportunity, good personnel management practices, and the mission and goals of the College. Rhodes College is committed to a diverse faculty, staff, and student body, and an inclusive campus community. This culture, coupled with generous benefits, makes Rhodes College an employer of choice in the Memphis area.

This guide is intended to provide general assistance. It is not intended to address all possible scenarios related to recruitment, interviewing, selection, and hiring.


Open full-time  positions must be posted through Human Resources. To advertise open positions, contact the Human Resources Department. Authorization to post is required for all new and budgeted replacement positions prior to beginning a search. The hiring manager should contact the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager upon notification of an opening. The Talent Acquisition and Development Manager works with the hiring manager to review the job description and create the recruitment strategy before posting the position. The job requisition process requires the authorization of the direct hiring manager as well as the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs before the position can be posted. These authorizations must be completed in the Workday recruiting system. 

To develop a broad and diverse applicant pool, most vacancies are advertised simultaneously on the campus and outside the College. The Talent Acquisition and Development Manager will work with the hiring department to determine the appropriate scope of the search. Positions may be advertised on the College’s website and other websites, list serves, and local advertising resources as appropriate. Depending upon the position, advertisements may also be placed in regional, national, and/or specific professional publications. It may also be appropriate to expand the search to include professional organizations and networks of special interest that contribute to a diverse candidate pool. Rhodes will follow the same procedures for both Internal and External candidates. All internal candidates must have at least one year of continuous service in their current position and must not have received any disciplinary actions in the previous 12-month period.


Rhodes′ recruitment procedures promote the fundamental philosophy of equal opportunity in selecting the most qualified individuals available to assist in meeting the College′s mission. Recruitment and hiring procedures as defined here are to be applied consistently for all staff (non-faculty) positions. A qualified individual is defined as one who meets the minimum education and experience requirements in the job description, either through formal education, work or volunteer experience, and possesses the potential for development and success in a position.

For details on the interviewing and selection process, please contact the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager. This process includes screening of applicants, interviews, positive reference checks, successfully completed background screens and physical capacity testing where required.

  • Review: All candidates must submit their application materials online via the Workday recruiting system. Hiring managers have access to view all candidates who applied for the opening via the applicant tracking system.
  • Screening and Interviewing: The hiring manager and the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager will discuss procedures for screening and interviewing qualified applicants that fit best with the open position. It is required that every candidate have the same experience for each stage of the interview process, including the same set of interview questions. With regard to travel expenses for visiting candidates, the hiring manger and candidate are expected to obtain the most cost effective arrangements when traveling. Please contact the Finance Department for guidelines and reimbursement. If a candidate cancels an interview after travel arrangements are made, the candidate will be responsible for their non-refundable travel expenses incurred.


  • Employment References: Reference checks should be limited to the top candidate(s) and be conducted only after interviews are completed. References may be checked after confirming permission from the candidate via the employment application, to contact those references. Rhodes requires at least two (2) favorable employment references on file for all new employees.
  • Employment Offer: The hiring manager in consultation with the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager will identify the most qualified candidate. Starting salaries will be based on the candidate′s qualifications, relevant market data, budget, and internal equity. Employment offers can be made by the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager  or by the hiring manager, but no employment commitment, verbal or written, may be made without prior approval from Human Resources. The applicant will have three business days to consider an employment offer.
  • Offer Letter: Upon confirmation of acceptance of employment and selected start date, the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager will send an electronic offer letter to the selected candidate confirming the terms of employment. The hiring manager and selected candidate must electronically acknowledge the offer letter through the Workday recruiting  system.

Post Offer Pre-Employment

  • Screenings: All employment offers will be contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background screen. Current employees applying for promotion or transfer may be subject to a background screen and when necessary, a credit check. Applicants must complete a release form to start the screening process. The average time for completion is up to ten (10) business days but will vary depending upon individual applicant’s circumstances. The Talent Acquisition and Development Manager will also complete an education verification and collect current certifications (when applicable) for all prospective new hires. The Talent Acquisition and Development Manager takes full responsibility for verifying prospective staff education records prior to hire and will notify the hiring manager if any issues arise.
  • Physical Capacity Testing: Post Offer/Pre-Employment testing is utilized to create a safer working environment for employees in designated jobs. Recognizing that every job and every employee are different, the tests are utilized to determine whether or not the employee can adequately and safely perform job duties. These tests must be successfully completed before the employee can begin their new position.
  • Closing the search: All unselected applicants will be notified at the close of the search, if not earlier.


All new employees must attend New Employee Orientation. During orientation, the Human Resources Department will cover compliance related trainings as well as complete required onboarding tasks with the new employee.

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