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VII. Available Resources and Recommended Immediate Steps Following An Incident of Sex/Gender Discrimination and/or Sexual Misconduct



Emergency Assistance:

Methodist University Hospital
1265 Union Ave.

Memphis Police Department Sex Crimes Squad: 901-636-3330

Baptist Memorial Hospital
6019 Walnut Grove Rd.

Rhodes College Campus Safety:

St. Francis Hospital
5959 Park Ave.

For additional off-campus medical services, contact the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center at (901) 222-4350.

Rhodes is acutely aware that an individual who has been subjected to, or who knows of or who has witnessed a sex offense may experience physical, mental and emotional trauma as a result of the incident. A victim of sexual violence (e.g., sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking) is encouraged to follow these procedures immediately following the occurrence, when possible:

  1. Get to a safe place immediately and call someone you trust.
  2. If sexual contact and/or penetration occurred, do not wash, shower, bathe, use the toilet or change clothing or bedding.  Preserve any evidence as would be necessary to prove the offense, or in obtaining a judicial protective order, restraining order, and/or no-contact order.  Examples of such evidence include:
    • Clothing worn during the incident, including but not limited to undergarments;
    • Sheets, bedding, and condoms, if used;
    • A list of witnesses with contact information;
    • Text messages, emails, call history, and digital media posts; and
    • Pictures of any injuries.
  3. You are encouraged, but not required, to call the appropriate law enforcement agency. To contact the Memphis Police Department Sex Crimes Squad, call (901) 636-3330. Rhodes College Campus Safety, (901) 843-3880, can assist any student with reporting a crime to the Memphis Police Department. Even if you do not intend to pursue a criminal investigation immediately, you may wish to speak with law enforcement resources or sex assault counsellors about preserving evidence. This may allow you to proceed at a later time with a criminal complaint, if you later decide to do so. The filing of a police report or the pendency of civil or criminal proceedings does not automatically stop the Rhodes Title IX process.
  4. Get medical attention. Campus Safety will assist you in calling Emergency Medical Services (911) if you ask them to. Rhodes also encourages you to go, or have someone else take you, directly to a medical facility or medical provider of your choice.  Any medical provider should be instructed to collect and preserve relevant evidence, or if they are not experienced in doing so themselves, to contact the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center at (901) 222-4350. For additional off-campus medical services, contact the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center at (901) 222-4350.
  5. Rhodes will assist an individual who has been subjected to, who knows of, or who has witnessed an incident of sexual misconduct in obtaining the services of counseling professionals, if requested. Rhodes encourages you to seek support services.  For on-campus student counseling services, contact the Counseling Center at (901) 843-3128. For off-campus counseling and advocacy services, contact the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center at (901) 222-4350.  Rhodes will provide as much assistance as possible but cannot assume financial responsibility for such services.
  6. All members of the campus community are encouraged to seek resources and support related to sex/gender discrimination and sexual misconduct proceedings, including Respondents, witnesses and bystanders. For more information, see Rhodes’ Title IX website at

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