Job Reclassification

To request that a position be reclassified, a new job description must accompany the request and be submitted to the Chief Human Resources Officer. The Chief Human Resources Officer will make a recommendation to the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs who will make a final decision.

Promotions, Demotions, and Lateral Moves

"Promotion" is the upgrading of an employee to a position with a higher level of responsibility and challenge. An employee may be promoted either within the same department or through moving to another department. Rhodes encourages promotion from within where it is determined to be in the best interest of the College to do so.

"Lateral Move" is a reassignment to a position having a similar level of responsibility and challenge, and “Demotion” is a reassignment to a position with less responsibility and challenge.

Individuals may apply for a promotion or transfer after at least one (1) year of continuous service in their current position provided they have not received any disciplinary action in the previous 12-month period. The employee must notify their immediate supervisor if selected to progress in the selection process.

Job opportunities are posted online at Those who find a position of interest for which they are qualified should submit an internal application online. All internal job applications must be approved to move forward by the Chief Human Resources Officer, based on the employee's disciplinary record and year of service at the
College. Any internal applications will be considered within the entire candidate pool.

When an employee is officially notified of selection for the new position, at least two (2) weeks notice must be given to the present department, unless waived by the employee′s current supervisor. In the event a promotional assignment is found unsuitable by either the employee or the College, consideration will be given to allow the promoted employee to return to the former position if available. If not available, and the employee has been counseled and given sufficient time to correct any existing deficiencies, the employee may be subject to termination.

Any job changes will be effective at the beginning of a new pay period.