Duties of the Rhodes College Finance Office Staff

  • Monitor adherence to the Rhodes College Endowment Statement of Investment Policy and Investment Objectives;
  • Review and circulate all performance reports provided by the Investment Advisory Firm;
  • Monitor endowment allocation and meet with the Investment Advisory Firm periodically to evaluate the need for rebalancing the endowment portfolio, and take such measures as are required to effect rebalancing within approved guidelines;
  • Communicate with the Subcommittee on Investments Chair on investment matters including, but not limited to, establishment of Subcommittee meetings,  scheduling of portfolio reviews or manager searches, and results of periodic due diligence meetings with existing investment managers;
  • Prepare annually and circulate comparative reports on the education endowment universe and peer institutions, including performance, allocation data, and other pertinent information;
  • Advise Chair of Subcommittee on availability of endowment cash for investment.  Meet with Investment Advisory Firm as to recommendations for investments of such funds within the guidelines and present such recommendations to Subcommittee Chair;
  • Administer the Board-approved endowment spending policy and maintain donor covenants as prescribed by all binding agreements.