Office Supplies

The College has a contract with Corporate Express which is considered the designated vendor for the purchase of all office supplies.

Departments are not to buy from other office supply companies as this endangers our contract with Corporate Express. If an item is not available at Corporate Express, you may use another vendor, but this should rarely occur. Purchasing and the Finance Office will monitor purchases of this sort. The Finance Office will not pay invoices for supplies known to be routinely available through Corporate Express. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.

Through the years the Purchasing Office has developed a list of supplies which it defines as “high usage” items. These items are now printed on a Corporate Express requisition form and are offered at a significant savings. Any item not on the printed list may be purchased at 35% off the list price. Catalogues are provided by Corporate Express free of charge. A space on the Corporate Express requisition is provided to order items from the catalogue.

To place an order use one of the numbered Corporate Express requisition forms. These forms may be obtained from the Purchasing Office. (Please call or e-mail requests for forms in advance.) Additionally, an account number to charge will be necessary for Corporate Express to accept the order. Unless notified otherwise, the Purchasing Office will allow Corporate Express to take an order from any Rhodes employee as long as they provide a requisition and account number. Generally all S.O.S. authorized persons and departmental secretaries will place orders. Since some of the faculty do not have departmental secretaries they might wish to place orders themselves. Department chairs should notify the Purchasing Office if they want to establish a different procedure. (Example: Some department chairs might choose to keep a supply of forms in their offices available for the professors in their department.)

Copier paper is included in the cost per copy. Key operators may order copy paper for the copiers using the account number furnished by the Purchasing Department. If you wish to use this paper in a laser printer, you must give Corporate Express your own departmental account. Corporate Express should ask you whether or not the paper is to be used in a copier or a laser printer.

The requisition is used for a department’s own internal records to track orders. It never leaves the department. When an order arrives, check it against the appropriate requisition to make sure it is correct. The ticket you sign will have the items printed on it as well as the prices, account numbers and requisition number. Call Corporate Express if there is a discrepancy. There will be no restocking fee on items returned within 30 days from receipt of the order, unless it was a specially ordered item that required freight charges.

Invoices will not be mailed to the department. Corporate Express sends all invoices to the Finance Office at the end of the month. Credits will usually not be issued as adjustments are made before Corporate Express actually prints the invoices. Any adjustments made, however, will be followed up by a memo from Corporate Express so that you will know they made the requested adjustment. Should you decide to change an account number after the order has been placed, call the Finance Office and they will see that the adjustment is made. Unless notified otherwise, the Finance Office will pay all the invoices received at the end of each month and the charge will appear on the monthly report sent to the department. Carefully check the monthly report against the Corporate Express requisition forms and shipping tickets for accuracy.

Capital Equipment Inventory. A capital equipment inventory system is kept by the Purchasing Department. All capital equipment owned by the College should have an inventory tag affixed at the time of receipt. All capital equipment with a value greater than $1000 is included in this policy.
Copiers. The Purchasing Office is responsible for the purchase of all copiers, maintenance agreements, and supplies. Departmental Office ownership of a copier must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs. For all departments, copies are $0.05/each and each department must have a code number to use a copier. If a department does not have a code number, contact the Purchasing Manager for assistance. The Purchasing Office reads all copiers and records proper departmental charges at the end of each month.

High-volume copiers are located on the first floor of Palmer Hall, the second floor of the Dorothy C. King Hall, the first floor of Clough Hall and in Frazier Jelke Hall.

Service calls for each copier are placed by the key operator of the copier.

Surplus Property. If a department has property that is no longer needed, contact the appropriate Vice President or Dean. The Vice President or Dean and the Purchasing Office will determine appropriate disposition of College property.