Mail Services

Mail Services Department is located in the Briggs Student Center.

The staff of the Mail Services Department coordinates and manages the provision of all mail services to the entire College—faculty, staff, student organizations, and students, including commuters students. Departments of the College are responsible for communicating their mailing needs to this staff, including plans for bulk mailings which necessitate money being on deposit with the United States Post Office.

Incoming mail (all classes, including parcels) is received and distributed on a daily basis. Mail Services staff coordinates a morning delivery to departments and offices of the College. All mail is secured daily. Outgoing mail is also collected and prepared by this facility, Monday through Friday by 3:30 p.m.

Correct Address Information — 9 digit Zip Codes
To expedite handling, all incoming correspondence should include name of the department associated with addressee. In addition, due to the revised rules and regulations of the United States Post Office, all mailers are encouraged to use 9-digit zip codes. Those assignments are as follows:






 General College Mail






 Rhodes Express






 The Meeman Center





Commercial Window Services
Individuals and departments may purchase stamps, postage, and other services (UPS, Express Mail, Federal Express Stamp, inc.) using cash, check or an established Rhodes College credit account during retail business hours 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. – only Monday through Friday.

All departments must complete the below linked approval form when requesting the purchase or postage stamps or when requesting mail to be metered.

Postal Approval form - Rhodes Mail Room

Postal Approval Form (Doc) 

Mail Services is not ‘central receiving’ for shipments addressed to Rhodes. These shipments should be delivered to the Purchasing Department in the Physical Plant Building.

The mailbox facilities require key access. One key is distributed to each boxholder at no charge. There is a $15 fee for replacing lost or broken keys. Student boxholders will retain the same box the entire time they are enrolled at Rhodes. They will be asked to return key to the Manager of Mail Services when they graduate, withdraw, or transfer. Inability to do so will result in a $15 charge.

Students required to turn mailbox keys in upon completion of the Spring Semester are graduating students, transfer students, or students withdrawing. Students who withdraw from school during the school year are required to process out through the mailroom and complete a Change-of-Address card authorizing the mailroom to forward mail to their designated address.

Students are encouraged to notify Mail Services of any address changes during the year.
Summer Boxes
Students planning to stay in the local area during the summer months may apply for a summer box. Please notify Mail Services during the last week of the Spring Semester to register for a summer box. The cost of a summer box is $15. Student mail will be forwarded during the summer months unless Mail Services is notified and a summer mailbox is reserved.

Intra-campus Mail
To facilitate College business and campus-wide communication, an intra-campus/non-stamped mail service is provided for faculty, staff and students.

  • The correct name and department of the individual addressee must be clearly written on the outside of the mailing piece.
  • When sending information to students please clearly write the name and box number on the outside of the mailing piece.
  • A listing is available with all student names and box numbers in Mail Services and is also included in Rhodes Faces.
  • Confidentiality is the responsibility of the sender, and all mail should be placed in sealed envelopes or stapled.
  • Mailing pieces must measure at least 3” x 5”.
  • Multiple communications numbering 30 or more will be distributed by the sender, anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  • The Mailroom has three drop boxes located next to the Commercial Window that will be used for collecting the Outgoing Mail-Postage Affixed, Faculty/staff Mail, and Student Mail.
  • Those organizations or departments that regularly mail multiple communications through intra-campus mail are asked to schedule the distribution of their newsletter or communication pieces with Mail Services.

Note: No money should be placed in the Intra-campus Mail System at any time.

Bulk Mail
To qualify for bulk rates, there must be 200 or more pieces of non-foreign mail, all weighing the same amount. The return address of the College must appear on the front of the mail piece. No personalized messages are permitted. When a bulk mailing is planned, a decision is made by the mailer to have the mail metered, or to use pre-printed #292 College permit number envelopes. Each department/mailer is responsible for scheduling bulk mailings with the Manager of Mail Services. The following information will be needed for scheduling:

  • number of pieces to be mailed;
  • date the mailing will be ready for pick-up or delivered to the Mailroom for the consigned commercial company to pick up.
  • the Manager of Mail Services should be informed when departments contract bulk-mailings so proper charge backs are accomplished upon receipt of the billing statement from the United States Postal Service Bulk-Mailing Center.
  • Mail Services will select the consigned commercial service that is the most advantageous to the department being served and maintains a reputable business recommendation from the United States Postal Service.

Metered-Bulk Mail
Sealing and metering is a function of Mail Services. The present equipment seals letter-size mail only. Departments are responsible for inserting contents into envelopes. Do not overstuff letter size envelopes. Envelopes containing sheets of paper stapled together must have the paper inserted so that the staple is located in either the upper left or lower left side of the envelope to prevent damage to the campus meter.

If mail requires sealing; be sure not to overlap envelopes. Leave flaps down on all letter mail requiring sealing. Mail already sealed by a department, but requiring metering, must be separated from mail that requires sealing and metering to prevent envelopes from being torn while being processed through the meterhead in the sealing mode.

Permit (non-metered) Mail
All permit mail requires advance planning and coordination with Mail Services. This will assure that money is deposited with the USPS and that proper preparation is achieved.

Package Notification Procedures
Faculty, staff, and departments receiving packages that are too large or heavy for early morning delivery will be notified by phone for pickup arrangements. Students are notified with a package slip that is distributed into their individual mailboxes.

Overnight Package Notification Procedures
Faculty, staff, students, and departments who receive overnight packages/letters will be notified by phone to pick up mail at the Mailroom. This type of mail is considered urgent. It is extremely important that each person is notified immediately on receipt of this class of mail.

Business Reply Mailers
Departments who choose to use Business Reply Mailers at Rhodes must first receive approval from the United States Postal Director. The Manager of Mail Services and Desktop Publishing can help in obtaining approval and proper design of Business Reply Mailers. To receive approval you must submit 40 copies of your proposed Business Reply Mailer to the Manager of Mail Services. He will complete the application and submit to the USPS for final approval and use of the mailer at Rhodes. It takes approximately 14 working days to process an approval for use of a Business Reply Mailer. Upon receipt of approval from the USPS, Mail Services will notify the department by telephone or by email.

Postal Regulations and General Information
Questions concerning postal regulations, design of mailing pieces, or mail preparation should be directed to the Manager of Mail Services at ext. 3239.