The Faculty Committee on Post-Graduate Scholarship

Membership. Membership is flexible but normally includes four faculty members (divisional representation preferred), one administrator and the Dean of Academic Affairs for International Education. The Committee works in conjunction with other faculty coordinators who serve as liaisons to particular fellowship foundations and as campus coordinators.  


  • Coordinate informational meetings, receptions and other pertinent events with the objective of cultivating and recruiting students for post-graduate scholarships;
  • Manage and assist the network of campus coordinators;
  • Manage and update the post-graduate scholarship calendar and website;
  • Along with campus coordinators, advise potential applicants throughout all stages of the application process; provide guidance on the preparation of students’ dossiers; when required, conduct the internal competition and selection process; prepare and submit institutional endorsements to foundations;
  • Assist students in preparing for the interview process;
  • Serve as occasional guest lecturers for Interdepartmental Studies 331

Expected Involvement. Regular meetings are held at the call of the Chair. Much of the month of October is dedicated to reviewing applications, serving in mock interviews, preparing endorsement letters and submitting candidates’ dossiers. Members are also expected to