Information Technology Support

Information Services is located in Barret Library. The division establishes and maintains the technological infrastructure, services, and products required for the students and employees of Rhodes College to make the institution the best residential, liberal arts college it can be. The vision of Information Services is to provide a standard of support that enables the students and employees of the College to explore technological solutions to old and new problems in liberal arts education with eagerness and confidence.

Help Desk. The Help Desk is the central place from which technical problems are solved. The technician who receives your call will attempt to resolve the issue over the phone. If, however, the technician is unable to solve the problem in a few minutes, then he or she will assign your call to a staff member who will respond in a timely manner depending on the priority of the request. Call 843-3890 or email

Email.  Email is available to facilitate the professional and business work of persons employed at the College. It provides a way to communicate on a one-to-one basis and to designated groups. The following guidelines are intended to establish reasonable usage of electronic mail.

  • Please do not post personal messages or requests using @facstaff, @faculty or @staff.
  • Announcements of College events should be limited to one per event; however, one brief reminder is permitted.
  • Please address your electronic mail to the appropriate group. Use @facstaff for all faculty and staff, @faculty for faculty only, and @staff for staff only.
  • Create distribution lists to send messages to specific groups rather than blanket the entire faculty and staff with a message that is of interest to only a few people.

Network services. Networked connections and services are maintained by Information Services. No device should be connected to the network without approval of Information Services. Unauthorized servers are not permitted. Please refer to "Policies Governing Appropriate Computer Usage" for further information. Please do not post personal messages or requests using @facstaff, @faculty or @staff.