Employment Status and Job Categories

Faculty Employees:

  • Full-time faculty employees are those with an annual contract for full-time service.
  • Part-time faculty employees are those with an appointment letter for part-time service.

Staff Employees: Staff employees are classified based on their “hours worked per week” and their “months per year” according to the following categories:

  • 37.5+ hours/week — 12 months/year (full time).
  • 37.5+ hours/week — 10 months/year (full-time).
  • Less than 37.5 hours/week — 12 months/year (part-time).
  • Less than 37.5 hours/week — 10 months/year (part-time).

Other Employees: Your employment is incidental to your educational programs at the College, you are employed by the College primarily as a consultant, or you are not a regular College employee and you are employed by or through the College on the basis of grants and/or contracts and/or agency agreements. Employees in this category are eligible only for social security, worker’s compensation coverage, and the tax deferred annuity program, unless otherwise approved by the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.

Job Categories

Contract Employee: An employee with a written individual employment agreement with the College. Included in this category are appointed faculty, both tenured and non-tenured, and others with a written employment agreement.

Exempt. Under the guidelines established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), exempt employees are not subject to minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. To qualify for exempt status, employees’ specific job duties and salary must meet all of the requirements of the Department of Labor’s regulations regarding executive, administrative, professional, computer and outside sales employees.

Non-Exempt (salaried or hourly): Subject to minimum wage regulations and overtime pay at time and a half for all hours worked over 40 in one work week.