The online version of the Student Handbook is currently undergoing revisions. For the latest version of the college handbook, please see the Rhodes College Student Handbook PDF (updated November 2022).

Involuntary Withdrawal or Removal from Campus

The College occasionally may face instances where a student poses a threat to themselves or others, who are unable to cope, or who create a pattern of extreme disruption. 

The College Risk Assessment Team will investigate the situation and the effect or the potential effect of the behavior on the student and the College community. The Team may require a personal interview with the student and/or an evaluation of the student by a qualified professional. The Team may require an interim removal of the student from campus pending conclusion of the investigation.

If, as a result of its investigation, the Risk Assessment Team determines that the student’s behavior indicates substantial risk of threat to self or others, or that the individual is otherwise unable to fulfill the expectations of a student at Rhodes, the pursuit of professional care or a withdrawal from the College may be recommended. The student will be provided with the option of voluntarily withdrawing from the College for the remainder of the term. If the student refuses to do so, next steps will be considered by the Team, including, but not limited to,  removal of the student from the College with conditions for readmission. If the student withdraws, they may be referred to an appropriate facility for additional assistance. The parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible and must assume responsibility for the student’s care.

Students who leave campus under the above conditions, either voluntarily or involuntarily, will be readmitted only after being cleared by the Risk Assessment Team and, when appropriate, the Committee on Standards and Standing. Permission for readmission will typically be based on the student’s demonstrating a period of responsible behavior outside the College and may require a statement from a physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional that the student is ready to return and cope with college life. Follow-up assessment or services may be required as part of the readmission decision.

Removal of a student from the College will be undertaken only as a last resort. Every effort will be made to help students understand the consequences of their behavior, make responsible decisions, and develop skills that will allow them to remain and function in the Rhodes community.

Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or who have been removed from campus are not allowed to attend class and have no access to the campus or College sanctioned or sponsored events