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Punctuality and regular attendance are of vital importance to Rhodes. Each employee should be at the appropriate work station ready to perform assigned tasks at the beginning of each workday. If an employee is unable to report for work because of illness or an emergency, or will be late, the employee must notify the appropriate supervisor no later than the employee’s starting time. Employees must also keep their supervisors advised of any emergency or scheduled absences in order that arrangements can be made for the employee’s work to be performed during his or her absence.

If an employee does not report to work, or departs from campus after reporting for work without informing and receiving approval from their supervisor, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action upon their return. Failure to report to work for three (3) consecutive work days without proper notice may be considered cause for termination with forfeiture of accrued benefits.

Employees with serious attendance or tardiness problems, regardless of the cause, may be subject to disciplinary action, and failure to improve attendance may lead to dismissal.

For additional information, see “Sick Leave” policy.

Revised March 13, 2007.
In effect April 26, 2004.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs