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Conflict of Interest

Employees of the College should avoid a conflict of interest, defined as involvement that limits a person’s ability to support the best interest of the College. No employee should have any financial or other interest in business transactions or relationships that could reasonably be construed to give rise to a conflict of interest, real or apparent, that would affect independent and unbiased judgment in carrying out an employee’s duties to the College.

An employee shall be considered to have a conflict of interest if:

  • such employee has existing or potential financial or other interests which impair or might reasonably appear to impair such employee’s independent, unbiased judgment in the discharge of his or her responsibilities to the College, or
  • such employee is aware that a member of his or her family (which for purposes herein shall be a spouse, parents, siblings, children and any other relative if the latter reside in the same household as the employee), or any organization in which such employee (or member of his or her family) is an officer, director, employee, member, partner, trustee, or controlling stockholder, has such existing or potential financial or other interests.

All employees shall disclose to the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs any possible conflict of interest at the earliest practicable time. 

From time to time, friends of the College, vendors, or donors may offer small gifts, merchandise, or services such as free travel or accommodations to Rhodes employees as a well-meaning gesture or as a marketing strategy. Since all employees should avoid even the appearance of a possible conflict of interest, gifts of more than nominal value (defined as $25 or more) should be graciously declined. Also, no employee who has the authority to make or influence a decision on the purchase of goods or services from a particular vendor should accept any gift, no matter what the value from that vendor. Any question concerning the appropriateness of an employee accepting a gift should be discussed with the supervisor.