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Externally Funded Grants and Contracts

Rhodes encourages faculty to seek out externally funded grants and contracts in support of research interests and in support of the academic program. The statement concerning Academic Freedom and Responsibility, in the "Statement of Policies and Procedures in Regard to Faculty" Section VI of the College Handbook, applies to all research undertaken with sponsorship from external sources.


Revised May 11, 2016
Revised April 7, 2014
Revised August 28, 2013.
Revised July 9, 2012.
Revised February 8, 2012.
Revised September 14, 2011.
Revised January 26, 2006.
Revised March 7, 2005.
Revised August 24, 2004.
In effect April 26, 2004.
Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs.