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Faculty Governance

Faculty governance rests on the assumption that faculty should hold a substantive role in decision-making in several identified areas in the life of the institution.

I. Core Principles

II. Areas of Faculty Governance

IIA. Substantive Change Policy and Procedures

III. Structures of Faculty Governance

IV. Standing Committees of the Faculty

The Academic Advising Committee

The Departments and Programs Assessment Committee

The Educational Program Committee

The Faculty Committee on Admissions Policy

The Faculty Committee on Appeals

The Faculty Committee on Committees

The Faculty Committee on Diversity and Equity

The Faculty Committee on Information and Technology

The Faculty Committee on Post-Graduate Scholarship

The Faculty Committee on Standards and Standings

The Faculty Committee on Technology and Academic Space

The Faculty Committee on Tenure and Promotion

The Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Governance Committee

The Faculty Professional Interests Committee

The Foundations Curriculum Committee

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Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs.