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Introductory Period

This does policy does not apply to faculty. For job performance standards related to faculty, see the Faculty Handbook. 

In order to become a “regular” employee (either full or part-time), each employee must complete an initial introductory period of ninety (90) days following initial employment or reemployment in a regular budgeted position.

This period will be utilized to train and evaluate the employee’s effective adjustment to work tasks, conduct, observance of rules and regulations, attendance, and job responsibilities. It is also a time for the employee to evaluate whether the job is a good fit. The introductory period may be extended for a period of time, at the discretion of the supervisor in consultation with the Chief Human Resources Officer. 

New and rehired employees will not be eligible to take Sick Leave and Vacation Leave until they are considered a “regular” employee at the end of their introductory period. The accrual of these benefits, however, begins immediately upon employment. If employees still in their introductory period are absent due to illness or non-work related injury, their pay (only if a full day is missed for exempt employees) will be adjusted to reflect an unpaid absence.

Employees who receive a promotion or transfer to another position at Rhodes will be subject to a new introductory period. Sick time may be utilized if necessary but vacation time is discouraged during this new introductory period. Previously scheduled vacation time must be approved by the new manager and should not exceed one week.

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