A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

College Handbook

About the College Handbook

What is the Rhodes College Handbook?

The documents enclosed provide you with an online reference for information you need to know as a Rhodes employee.

Is the Rhodes College Handbook a contract?

The Rhodes College Handbook does not constitute contractual material unless you have an individual, written contract with the College. Some employees of the College, such as faculty members and employees with special appointments, have written, individual employment agreements or contracts with the College. For these members of the campus community, the Rhodes College Handbook includes contractual material according to the specifications designated in the written contract.

If you are an employee of the College without an individual, written contract, then your employment relationship with Rhodes is "at will." In other words, both you and Rhodes are free to terminate your employment at any time with or without notice. Therefore, this handbook does not constitute a contract of employment, nor should it be construed to create a contract with the College.

Regardless of the nature of your employment agreement with the College, the information in the Rhodes College Handbook affects everyone in an interdependent community like Rhodes, and all employees of the College must familiarize themselves with its contents.

What should I do if the material in the Rhodes College Handbook appears to be in error?

For the Rhodes College Handbook to be a useful resource, the information must be current and accurate. If you identify information or policies that need correction or updating, please contact the administrative officer to whom you report. Your administrative officer will submit corrections and updates to the appropriate member of the President′s Staff for approval.