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Rhodes Tuition Exchange Programs

Rhodes participates in two exchange programs to assist eligible dependent children with the cost of undergraduate tuition at colleges and universities other than Rhodes.  

Eligibility: The natural or legally adopted child of a full-time employee with at least 1 year of service.  The child must have never married and must begin receiving the benefit before the age of 25.  Dependents of part-time employees (those scheduled to work less than 37.5 hours per week and 10 months per year) are not eligible for the tuition exchange. The dependent must be accepted for admission by a participating institution.

Benefit for Dependents: Tuition exchange programs are limited to 8 semesters of study or until the requirements for an undergraduate degree are met, whichever comes first.

Exchange Programs: Each program has its own application process and tuition credit program. Please refer to the website for the program below for more specific information. (We recommend that you contact the Financial Aid office of the individual school as well).

  • Associated Colleges of the South (ACS):  Information at acs-tuition-exchange-program-acs-tep/ including a list of schools. The ACS charges a fee of $2,000 per year for participation in the tuition exchange. Please notify the Benefits Services Manager if your child is applying to a school in this program.
  • The Tuition Exchange (TE):  Information and list of participating schools at Check with individual schools for tuition waiver amount.  Applicants for this program should apply at the website.

    Students should apply for admission, all scholarships and financial aid just as they would at any other school.  

Benefits after Termination: No tuition payments will be continued after the termination of employment except in the following cases. In the event of death, retirement, or total disability of a Rhodes employee, one academic year of tuition payments will be granted for the spouse and/or natural or legally adopted children for each four years of full-time employment. If a totally disabled employee recovers and resumes employment with an organization other than Rhodes, the tuition payment will terminate.


Note: The Rhodes College Handbook is not a contract of employment, nor should it be construed to create a contract with the College. Rhodes reserves the right to make future changes to its policies, practices, and fringe benefits. If such changes occur, the College will inform employees of such changes and their effect, if any. If you have questions, please contact The Rhodes Human Resources Department at

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