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Compensatory Time

Eligibility: Ten and twelve month non-exempt staff employees scheduled to work 37.5 hours per work week (Monday through Sunday).

Benefit: Compensatory time is earned when an employee works more than 37.5 hours in a week. If the employee works more than 40 hours in a week, that time is paid as overtime (time and ½).

Maximum: An employee may not bank more than 37.5 hours of compensatory time. If the employee has a balance of 37.5 hours of compensatory time, any hours worked that would otherwise be added to that balance will be paid to the employee at the employee’s regular rate of pay.

Utilizing Benefit: Employees must request all time off of work from their supervisor. Compensatory time must be used before Vacation time when taking time off of work. Benefit upon Termination: When an employee terminates their employment with the College, the employee will be paid for any Compensatory time earned but not used.

Should you have any questions concerning the compensatory time or vacation policy, please contact the Benefits Services Manager in Human Resources.

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