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V. Time Considerations for Reporting and Filing Title IX Complaints of Sex/Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

There is no time limit for reporting incidents of Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct under this Policy, although Rhodes encourages reports to be made as soon as possible. Any individual who has been subjected to, or who knows of or has witnessed, an incident of Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct is encouraged to report the incident or file a Complaint immediately in order to maximize Rhodes’ ability to obtain information and conduct an adequate, thorough, prompt, and impartial investigation into the incident. A delayed Report of alleged Sex/Gender Discrimination or Sexual Misconduct may result in the loss of relevant information, evidence, and reliable witness testimony, and may impair Rhodes’ ability to fully investigate the incident. If a party files a Report or Complaint that is related to an existing investigation, Rhodes has the discretion to consolidate the two investigations and adjudications without re-starting the process as set forth in this Policy.

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