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Campus Safety Policies

The Role of Campus Safety 

The Campus Safety Office is structured within Rhodes’ Division of Student Life, putting Campus Safety in close contact with all aspects of student life.

The primary mission of the Campus Safety Department is to preserve the safety and security of the campus community to enable the mission of the College to go forward. This mission includes comprehensive efforts aimed at protecting our community from threats to both person and property. Although the Campus Safety staff is considered a private security and safety force, they are responsible for enforcement of all state and local laws, College policies and procedures, security, safety, and emergency responses. As a “first responder”, Campus Safety stands ready and well-trained to provide support services to meet the many and varied needs of the Rhodes Community.

Due to the importance of Campus Safety, students are advised that it is a specific offense of the student code of conduct to fail to comply with the directions of a College official including those with Campus Safety or to fail to identify oneself to a College official including those officers in Campus Safety.

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Alternative Modes of Transportation

Hoverboards. Hoverboards, including self-balancing scooters (Bird, Lyme, etc.), battery operated scooters, and hands-free Segways, are prohibited on campus.

Scooters. No electric scooters are allowed on campus inside the gates, unless approved as an accommodation for a disabled student. For safety purposes, there is a designated parking area for electric scooters outside the gates along the curb of University Street located just south of the Tutwiler crosswalk and near the Bellingrath pedestrian gate. This is the only approved parking location for electric scooters.

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Building Access Control

Students may need access to certain academic and administrative buildings in pursuit of their studies after these buildings have been locked at the end of the day and on weekends. At the same time, the College has the responsibility to ensure that students utilizing these facilities work and study in a safe secure environment.

Accordingly, students will use the following building access control systems:

  1. When students need to have access to a certain academic office or administrative space, they must ask the appropriate departmental representative to certify that they are authorized to enter the room during a specified time. This authorization must be sent to Campus Safety where it will be retained on file. 
  2. Most academic and administrative buildings, including classrooms, are accessible to students after hours by FOB. Individual offices and restricted spaces are secured and should not be entered unless previous authorization has been obtained as outlined above.
  3. Access to students’ rooms for anyone other than the registered occupant must always have the authorization of the Residence Life or Student Life Administrative Staff. This includes parents, family members, and friends of the registered occupant.
  4. Replacement of keys and FOBs that are either lost or damaged is done by accessing the work order system on and completing the order form. 

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Clery Act

In 1990, the Jeanne Clery Act was signed into law and requires colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs, such as Rhodes College, to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their campuses. In accordance with the Clery Act, Rhodes publishes an Annual Campus Safety Report by October 1 of each year. You can view the Rhodes College Annual Campus Safety Report at For questions concerning the Clery Act, contact the Campus Safety Department.

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Missing Student Policy

The Rhodes College missing student policy relates to students who reside in on-campus student housing. Rhodes College will report to the appropriate contract person and to the Memphis Police Department any student who has been determined to be missing from campus for 24 hours or more.

If any member of the Rhodes community believes that a student who lives in on-campus housing has been missing from campus for at least 24 hours, one of the individuals or organizations on the list  below should be contacted.

  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Residence Life
  • Director of Campus Safety
  • Rhodes College Campus Safety
  • Memphis Police Department

When a campus official other than Campus Safety receives a report that a student is missing, the report must be referred to Campus Safety immediately for investigation. The Campus Safety Department will initiate a “Missing Student” report. The College will take reasonable and prudent steps to locate the student. Campus Safety may contact the Memphis Police Department for assistance in its investigation.

Students can identify a contact person whom Rhodes College shall notify within 24 hours of the determination, either by Campus Safety or the Memphis Police Department, that a student is missing.

This contact information will be confidential and will be accessible only to authorized campus officials, and will be disclosed only to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of the missing student investigation.

Once a student has been determined to be missing, Rhodes College will take the following actions no later than 24 hours from the determination:

  1. Notify the emergency contact person named by the missing student. Notification will be made by all methods of contact provided by the missing student.
  2. Notify the student’s custodial parent or legal guardian if the missing student is under the age of 18 and not emancipated.
  3. Notify the Memphis Police Department if it was not already involved in the missing person investigation.

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Rhodes Alert & Outdoor Warning Siren

In the event of an emergency, students will be notified in the most expeditious manner possible. This may be with the outdoor warning siren and/or with the Rhodes Alert System.  

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Rhodes Alert System

The College utilizes a mass communication system capable of emailing, texting, and calling all students, faculty and staff in an emergency. This system is used to communicate delays and closures due to inclement weather, as well as alerting the community to present or continuing threats that may be present.

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Rhodes Outdoor Warning Siren

The College is equipped with an outdoor warning system. When the county activates the tornado siren, the College will do the same. The siren will continue to alert until the weather hazard has past. When this siren is activated it will be preceded by verbal instructions. All community members must follow the instructions and seek shelter.

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Guests and Visitors

Guests On Campus

Guest are expected to remain under the auspices of their host and the host bears the responsibility for the guest’s behavior in compliance with campus policy. Host responsibilities for a guest should not be transferred from one person to another. Guest are not permitted during finals and senior week.

Overnight Guests

Rhodes permits 24-hour visitation if the student first secures the verbal approval their roommate(s) and/or suite-mate(s) before the arrival of any visitors.  A roommate's right to free access to the room/apartment at all times, privacy, study time, or sleep must not be compromised because of a guest. Any student wishing to entertain a guest, whether of the same or opposite sex, must have the permission of the roommate(s).

The College does not allow cohabitation and cannot ignore any infraction of this policy that comes to its attention. Cohabitation is defined as a guest spending the night more than three consecutive nights. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action.


Visitors without a host bear the responsibility themselves for compliance with campus policy. Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and non-disruptive manner. Visitors are not permitted during finals and senior week.

Trespass Notice

A Criminal Trespass Notice may be issued by any Campus Safety or Rhodes official when it is determined that an individual’s continued presence on campus poses a significant threat to the health, safety, welfare, or academic experience of members of the College community. Regardless of whether such notice has been issued, any individual who is deemed to have committed a crime may be subject to arrest by the Memphis Police Department.

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Lost and Found

All items found on campus should be turned in to Campus Safety located in Spann Place #5. Campus Safety will donate all items not claimed during the semester at the beginning of each new semester - August 15, January 15, and May 15. Lost and found is in the Campus Safety office in Spann Place #5 and on the Campus Safety website.

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Parking Regulations

The College strives to have a parking system that is based upon compliance, safety, and convenience for all. Written regulations and appropriate signage are established to facilitate traffic flow, control parking, and protect fire lanes and unloading areas as designated. In consultation with the Rhodes Student Government and the Community Standards Council, the Director of Campus Safety or his/her designee manages the parking program. Parking information is available on the Campus Safety website, all parking maps, and in both the Student Handbook and College Handbook. If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Safety office at 901-843-3880.

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Registration of Motor Vehicles.

All members of the Rhodes community who park on campus are required to register their vehicles with Campus Safety and display a parking decal.  If a member of the Rhodes community drives a vehicle on campus, it must be registered with either a permanent or temporary parking decal. Faculty and staff must register their vehicles online via Campus Safety on or Persons choosing not to register their vehicles for campus parking must still abide by all "off campus" parking

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Parking Decals

All students, faculty, and staff cars, bikes and motorcycles must have a parking decal.  Applications can be completed online from the parking section of Express Rhodes Notification will be sent by email when the decal is ready for pickup from Rhodes Express.

Decals contain graduation year to indicate registration information and specified parking areas. They must be properly affixed to the lower left, inside driver's side front windshield.

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All bicycles should be registered with the Campus Safety Office. Bicycles may be stored: 1) in the student's own residence hall room, 2) in the bicycle storage rooms assigned, or 3) in the outside bike racks. Bicycles may not be stored in hallways, social rooms, alcoves, under stairways, or other places. Campus Safety or Residence Life staff will remove bicycles found in unauthorized locations.

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Handicap Parking (to include temporary handicap)

Vehicles parked in handicap spaces must display proper handicap placard or license information. If a "temporary" handicap need arises for students, please contact the Director of Accessibility Services or Campus Safety.

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Pedestrian Gates

Campus pedestrian gates are equipped with locking devices and springs to ensure proper perimeter safety and security. Electronic key FOBs, issued to students, will access these gates. If a gate is left unsecured, please close it. Notify Campus Safety if it is malfunctioning.

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Vehicle Use on Campus

1. Entering Campus
When a Campus Safety officer is on duty at any entrance onto the campus, drivers must stop or slow down enough to be acknowledged and identified before entering.

2. Moving Vehicle Regulations
The maximum posted speed limit on Main Campus and West Campus is 15 mph. Vehicle operators must have their vehicles under control at all times regardless of their speed to avoid collision or endangering others’ wellbeing. Vehicle operators who fail to control their vehicle, who endanger others’ wellbeing, or who have the potential to endanger others while operating a vehicle are subject to being held accountable for reckless driving.
Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol on campus is strictly prohibited.   
Driving is permitted only on designated surfaced drives. No vehicles are allowed on grass, lawns, or fields without special permission.

3. No Parking Areas
Off ramps, such as those behind Clough Hall and Rhodes Physics Tower, provide access to buildings for fire-fighting equipment and must remain open. Additionally, off ramps provide routes of egress to open areas from many of the campus buildings in case of fire and must be kept free of parked vehicles. If a space is not lined or marked as a parking space, it is considered a violation to park in the space and will be cited as such.

4. Fire Lanes
Fire lanes are currently designated on all roads throughout the campus. Persons who park in these areas are not only in violation of Rhodes parking regulations, but of the City of Memphis Ordinances as well. Rhodes Campus Safety will cite vehicles found parked in fire lanes.

5. Illegal Parking
All legal parking areas within the college complex are clearly indicated both on site and in publications. Parking in areas other than those properly lined as parking spaces is a violation and will be cited. Parking along curbs, unless clearly marked as a parking space or unless otherwise authorized is strictly prohibited.    
Visitor parking is considered "reserved" twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Areas designated as visitor parking are strictly reserved for visitors to the campus only. Unauthorized parking will be cited.

6. Off Campus Parking
While parking on campus is recommended, those who choose to park on streets near Rhodes should be aware of restrictions imposed by both the City of Memphis and also those regulations held by Rhodes College. All persons are expected to comply with the below "off campus" parking regulations.
City of Memphis parking restrictions are so marked.

Rhodes College restricts parking in the following areas where Rhodes community members are allowed to park:

  • North side of Snowden west of University St.; both north and south sides of Lyndale Ave; and Mignon Ave west of University St.
  • South side of Snowden, west of the alley behind Stewart Hall,
  • North side of Tutwiler, west of the entrance to Spann/Stewart Parking lot.
  • West side of University St., north of Snowden Ave. to Jackson Ave.
  • Use of Emergency Flashers

Use of flashers does not legitimize a violation of parking regulations and is not an appropriate cause for appeal. Time elapsed is not an element of a violation. Violating a parking regulation "for only two minutes to run inside" is not a defense for the violation.

7. Penalties
Fines assessed for traffic and parking violations are indicated on the citation. All payments should be made at Rhodes Express. 

8. Appeal of Citations
If students or employees of the college believe they have received a citation in error, they may ask for an appeal of the charges through the Traffic Appeals Board. This board is made up of representatives from the faculty, staff and student populations.

To file an appeal, the student or employee must do so within ten (10) calendar days of the offense. Otherwise the right to appeal is forfeited. 

Appeals should be filed on-line via Express Rhodes from

All of the pertinent details such as the citation number, time and date issued, location, name and R number of the citation recipient must be included. 

Appeals are heard several times each semester and outcomes are emailed.

9. Accidents
Please remember that accidents do happen. Should you bump another vehicle or become involved in an accident on campus, call Campus Safety immediately. Hit and run offenses are taken very seriously and can result in serious consequences.

10. Visitors/Guests and Parking
Visitors are always welcome at Rhodes and visitor parking is available on campus. All visitor (non-decaled vehicles) must stop and their vehicle information/name/destination registered at the entry gate.

If you have a bus drop-off, special parking needs, or questions about where to park, please call Campus Safety at 843-3880.

11. Deliveries and Transportation
Deliveries such as flowers, gifts, and mail should be directed to the mail room Monday- Friday 8am-4pm.
After hours and weekend mail, flowers, and gifts will be accepted at the Campus Safety Office at #5 Spann. All deliveries will be taken to the mailroom first thing Monday morning.

When having food delivered, be prepared to meet the driver at the main gate, Bailey Gate.

For cabs, Uber, Lyft, and other transportation, go to Bailey Gate, and meet them in the cut out across from West Village. These services will not be allowed unlimited access to campus.

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