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Room Condition Report

Residents are responsible for the condition of their assigned rooms, furnishings, and common areas. All students will review the state of the room with the Resident Assistant when they begin occupancy, at which time any existing damage and missing furnishings will be noted. Damages occurring during the period of occupancy, normal wear, and tear excepted, are the student’s responsibility, and damages will be assessed to the individual(s) responsible, as will any unusual cleaning charges. Upon request of the College, students will promptly reimburse the College for all damages to the room and any fixtures, furnishings, or other furnished properties (including the interior of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floor, furniture, etc.) provided under this Contract. Any student responsible for such damage or destruction will also be subject to additional disciplinary action. Students must return their keys to the Office of Residence Life when moving out of the room.

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