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Weapons Policy

Rhodes College strictly prohibits possession of weapons of any type by students, employees or visitors on all College property, including but not limited to firearms, B-B guns, pellet guns, bows and arrows, knives, explosives or any other object that could be used as a deadly weapon. (Weapons are defined in the Tennessee Code Annotated.)

Violators (including those individuals with valid Tennessee gun carry permits) are subject to suspension, expulsion, termination, or any combination of appropriate sanctions.

The sole exception to this policy is that Rhodes College complies with Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-17-1313.
In accordance with TCA § 39-17-1313, a person who has a valid enhanced handgun carry permit or concealed handgun carry permit or who lawfully carries a handgun pursuant to § 39–17–1307(g) may, unless expressly prohibited by federal law, transport and store a firearm or firearm ammunition in the person’s motor vehicle if:


  1. The permit holder’s vehicle is parked and located where it is permitted to be; and
  2. The firearm or ammunition being transported or stored in the vehicle:
    • Is kept from ordinary observation if the permit holder is in the vehicle;
    • Is kept from ordinary observation and locked within the trunk, glove box, or interior of the person’s motor vehicle or a container securely affixed to the vehicle if the permit holder is not in the vehicle.

Any violation of this policy should be reported immediately to Campus Safety at 843-3880. Prohibition of such weapons extends to the property and/or vehicles controlled by an individual while on College property if that individual is not in compliance with TCA § 39-17-1313. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Director of Campus Safety or the Chief Human Resources Officer.

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