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Employee Resignation

Employee Resignation. An employee in good standing wishing to terminate their employment with the College must file a written resignation with their supervisor (at least two (2) weeks prior to the effective date for non-exempt employees and at least four (4) weeks prior to the effective date for exempt employees) stating specific reason(s) for the resignation as well as the effective date. The employee's resignation must be forwarded promptly to the Chief Human Resources Officer. The employee is also responsible for submitting their resignation in Workday. Failure of the employee to give such notice may result in denial of future employment with the College. (See “Exit Interview” and “Final Paycheck” sections.) Once an employee’s resignation is received in the Human Resources Office, effective with the next payroll, any outstanding debts owed to the College will automatically be deducted from the remaining paychecks to the extent allowed by law. (See Final Paycheck below for terminal benefit pay.)

Exit Interview. Human Resources may conduct an exit interview for employees terminating their employment regardless of reason, and includes discussion of employee benefits that may be continued by the terminating employees at their own cost and other issues as applicable. All College property such as keys, uniforms, credit cards, laptops, etc. must be returned to Human Resources by the last day worked.

Terminal Benefit Pay-Vacation. Time records will serve as documentation of vacation hours due. For director level and above employees, a written request that has been approved by the employee’s supervisor is necessary. The Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs may review these requests. An employee may not take vacation during their required notice period (2 weeks for non-exempt employees and 4 weeks for exempt employees) before leaving employment with Rhodes. Additionally, an employee may not use vacation for the purpose of extending their date of termination. For more information regarding payout of unused vacation time, please refer to the College’s Staff Vacation Policy.

Final Paycheck. The final paycheck for an employee who has resigned will be issued on the next regular payday. Final paychecks may be deposited directly, picked up at Rhodes Express, or mailed at the option of the employee. The final paycheck will represent compensation for hours worked and accumulated vacation time up to limits allowed by the Vacation Policy and compensatory time minus outstanding debts to the College (bookstore balance, library fees, etc.) to the extent allowed by law. No payment will be made for unused staff sick leave. For directors and above whose time is not tracked through payroll, a written request that has been approved by the employee’s supervisor is necessary. The request should be forwarded to the Human Resources Records Specialist in the HR office.

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