The online version of the College Employee Handbook is currently undergoing revisions. For the latest version of the college handbook, please see the College Employee Handbook PDF (updated November 2022).

Annual Gifts and Memorials

Gifts for annual purposes support the daily operation of the college. Unrestricted gifts of $25,000 or less go into the unrestricted designation for the Annual Fund or may be used for another restricted or capital purpose as deemed appropriate by the Vice President for Development. Unrestricted gifts above that amount go into the unrestricted capital funds designation.

Unrestricted memorial gifts will go into unrestricted designation of the Annual Fund.

Restricted memorial gifts will be used for the designated purpose.

Gifts of $10.00 or more requested by the donor to memorialize or honor a person will be recognized by one individual being memorialized or honored. A letter of notification regarding the gift will be sent to the person being honored or to a family member of the person being memorialized provided the name and address information for such a letter is available or is sent by the donor with the gift.

Permanent memorial designations that are not funded by a benefactor who designates such a memorial shall not be planned or authorized until at least one year after the death of the person to be memorialized.

Involvement of Benefactors and Solicitation of Funds

Each department is expected to involve potential supporters in the work of the department and to obtain gifts to meet the department’s needs, as outlined in the Gift Opportunities Lists. Examples are faculty chairs, faculty development funds, endowed library collections, and funds for equipment.

To maximize fund raising, build donor confidence in Rhodes, and avoid conflicts with the program approved by the Board:

Department heads must inform the Director of Advancement Services (ext. 3850) of every pledge and every gift on the day the pledge or gift is received by the department, and the designation which is to be credited with the gift or pledge.

All checks or cash must be delivered to the Development Office (Dorothy C. King Hall, 2nd floor) on the day received.

All prospects must be cleared by the Vice President for Development before solicitation.

Projects requiring special solicitations must have the approval of the Vice President for Development.

The person requesting special solicitation must submit a proposal in final form to the Vice President for Development. The proposal should be no longer than 3 pages and should include:

  • A project budget, approved by the appropriate administrative officer (head of division) and by the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.
  • A project description approved by the appropriate administrative officer (head of division), proposed schedule for fund raising and for the project itself, persons served, and benefits to the college.
  • A list of prospects to be solicited for gifts, including prospective solicitation amount.

The Vice President for Development in consultation with the President will determine the priority of the project and, upon approval, will direct the Development Office in the allocation of staff time to the project.