A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Benefactors' Circle

The Benefactors’ Circle is the highest recognition afforded to supporters of Rhodes College. Open to individuals, corporations, or foundations whose commitments total $1 million or more, the Benefactors’ Circle acknowledges the leadership role of those whose gifts have helped to make Rhodes one of the world’s outstanding liberal arts colleges. The $1 million in commitments which qualify a donor for membership in the Benefactors’ Circle will be counted on the following basis:

  • The value of gifts paid to Rhodes;
  • The value of pledges to be paid over as many as 7 years;
  • The present value (at the time of the gift) of all irrevocable deferred gifts.

Members of the Benefactors’ Circle have their names inscribed on the floor of the cloister of Southwestern Hall during a special ceremony, are listed in the annual report, and are invited to special events.

Proposed changes in the minimum level of commitment shall be brought to the full Board for approval.