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Named Scholarships

A gift of $50,000 or more will create and name an endowed scholarship.

Named endowed scholarships are listed each year by the Finance Office. Files containing, among other information, the name of the fund and the current annual distribution, are provided by the Finance Office to the Director of Financial Aid and the Director of Advancement Services by September 15. A list of one-time annual scholarships is provided by the Director of Advancement Services to the Assistant Director of Financial Aid by September 15.

By September 30, the Director of Advancement Services sends to the Assistant Director of Financial Aid the list of sponsors or interested parties to whom it would be appropriate for a student recipient to write a letter of thanks.

By October 31, the Assistant Director of Financial Aid matches student recipients to named scholarship and provides the information to the Director of Advancement Services.

By November 30, the Stewardship Officer asks student recipients to write letters of thanks to their sponsors and send copies to the Development Office for sponsor files. At the same time, the Stewardship Officer sends information to the appropriate sponsors identifying the student recipient for their scholarship and providing the endowed fund balance, if applicable.

The Development staff may provide occasions when the sponsors and recipients of named scholarships may meet. The Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid may assist in these meetings.

Additional assignments, the need for which is usually initiated by either the Development Office or the Finance Office, are made by the Assistant Director of Financial Aid after the original assignment each year. The appropriate administrative offices are also notified.

Named scholarships are listed in the College Catalogue.