A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Alumni Office

The purpose of the Alumni Office is to promote Rhodes, to deepen the loyalty of the alumni, and to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship between Rhodes and its alumni. Alumni programs are designed to encourage former students to continue to participate in the development of the College. Annual events and programs include Homecoming celebrations, class reunions, regional alumni events and publications. The Alumni Office provides volunteer opportunities for alumni to serve the College in such capacities as member of the Executive Board of the Rhodes International Alumni Association, class president, regional event host, admissions volunteer, and other ad hoc volunteer positions to involve them in the life of the College.

Alumni Awards.  The Distinguished Alumni Award, the Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award, and induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame are presented annually to alumni to recognize outstanding professional achievements and/or leadership and service to the College. The Alumni Office also instills the responsibility and honor of alumni status to Rhodes students through student volunteer opportunities such as the Rhodes Ambassadors and by activities that build class identity such as the annual senior toast and induction to the Alumni Association during Commencement weekend.

Alumni Office. The Alumni Office assists in the evaluation of institutional effectiveness by surveying Rhodes alumni periodically. Up-to-date records are maintained on the location of former students to ensure that alumni are kept well-informed about the activities, achievements, and needs of the campus community.

Records of Alumni and Friends.  The records of alumni and friends of the College are to be kept confidential and for the official use of the College and its departments.

Through limited access to the records in the form of personalized lists, the College encourages the strengthening of its alumni network. Alumni may request a list containing classmates, alumni in a particular profession, or alumni in a geographic area, etc. These lists are to be used only to build the Rhodes network and are not to be used by the individual for solicitation of his or her own business or funds.

All other requests for lists must be made in writing and must be approved in writing by the Alumni Director. A copy of the intended correspondence must be included with the request. Lists used by volunteers in service to Rhodes are provided without change; others will be provided at cost.