Retirement Plan

Rhodes College
Defined Contributions Retirement Plan
Memphis, Tennessee January 1, 2003 

This Summary Plan Description provides each Participant with a description of the RHODES COLLEGE Retirement Plan.


Part I - Information About the Plan

  1. What Is The Rhodes College′s Retirement Plan?
  2. Who Is Eligible To Participate In The Plan?
  3. When Do I Begin Participating In The Plan?
  4. How Are Years Of Service Counted?
  5. Do I Participate During An Approved Leave of Absence?
  6. When Do My Benefits Become Vested (i.e. owned)?
  7. How Are Plan Contributions Made?
  8. Is There A Limitation On Contributions?
  9. What Is The Normal Retirement Age Under the Plan?
  10. When Does My Annuity Income Begin?
  11. What Options Are Available For Receiving Retirement Income?
  12. What Are My Spouse′s Rights Under This Retirement Plan?
  13. Is There A Retirement Income Option That Allows Me to Receive Income While Preserving My Accumulation?
  14. May I Receive A Portion Of My Income In A Lump Sum Upon Retirement?
  15. May I Receive A Lump Sum Payment From The Plan?
  16. What Happens To My Annuities If I Terminate Employment Before Retirement?
  17. What If I Die Before Starting To Receive Benefits? 

Part II - Information About Your TIAA - CREF Annuities

  1. What Funding Vehicles Are Available Under The Plan?
  2. May I Rollover My Accumulations?

Part III - Additional Information

  1. How Is The Plan Administered?
  2. May The Terms Of The Retirement Plan Be Changed?
  3. How May I Get More Information About The Plan?
  4. What Are The Plan′s Claims Procedures?
  5. What Are My Rights Under The Law?
  6. Is The Plan Insured By The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)?
  7. Who Is The Agent For Service Of Legal Process?