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College Initiated Administrative Withdrawal (CIAW)

The College occasionally faces the problem of students who pose a threat to themselves or others, who are unable to cope, or who create a pattern of extreme disruption. If such behavior violates College rules and regulations, the case will be referred to the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee for action. 

The College may administratively withdraw a student from classes, remove a student from residence halls, and/or require conditions for continued enrollment when one of the following transpires: 

  • The student significantly disrupts the activities of the college community: 
  • The student poses a direct risk to the health or safety of others; or  
  • The student demonstrates evidence of significant impairment such that they are unable to participate safely and successfully in the college's academic and/or residential life and cannot independently determine that a voluntary leave is needed.  

In the circumstance described above, the Dean of Students (DOS), in consultation with the appropriate medical, psychological, and academic resources, may administratively withdraw a student from their classes, remove the student from the residence halls, and/or place conditions on the student’s continued enrollment. The decision must be based on assessing 1) the probability, nature, duration, and severity of the disruption, risk, and/or impairment; and 2) whether reasonable accommodations can mitigate the risk allowing the student to remain enrolled. Under certain circumstances, either before or after deciding to withdraw the student administratively, DOS may mandate that the student undergo a psychological or medical assessment to evaluate the student’s ability to participate successfully in the college community.  

DOS’s determination regarding CIAW and the reasons supporting the decision are shared in written form with the student. The written determination includes the length of separation from the college and describes the conditions the student may seek to return.  

A student may appeal the CIAW determination in writing, and provide supporting documentation, within forty-eight (48) hours, the Vice President for Student Life, whose decision is the college's final decision.