A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Campus Safety Policies

The Role of Campus Safety 

The Campus Safety Office is structured within Rhodes’ Division of Student Life, putting Campus Safety in close contact with all aspects of student life.

The primary mission of the Campus Safety Department is to preserve the safety and security of the campus community to enable the mission of the College to go forward. This mission includes comprehensive efforts aimed at protecting our community from threats to both person and property. Although the Campus Safety staff is considered a private security and safety force, they are responsible for enforcement of all state and local laws, College policies and procedures, security, safety, and emergency responses. As a “first responder”, Campus Safety stands ready and well-trained to provide support services to meet the many and varied needs of the Rhodes Community.

Due to the importance of Campus Safety, students are advised that it is a specific offense of the student code of conduct to fail to comply with the directions of a College official including those with Campus Safety or to fail to identify oneself to a College official including those officers in Campus Safety.