A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Fire Prevention and Safety

The residence halls are private residences owned and maintained by the College. They are subject to the Memphis Fire Code, and are regularly inspected by the Fire Marshall's Office.

  1. Students should test their battery operated smoke alarm regularly to assure proper operation of the alarm. Service requests for malfunctioning alarms or new batteries should be submitted through the work order system. Smoke alarms must not be tampered with or covered.
  2. No upholstered furniture that has significant cuts or ruptures in the upholstery will be permitted in the residence halls. Students may be asked to remove items on walls that create a fire hazard. No items are to be hung from ceilings, covering lights, or covering smoke detectors.
  3. Students may be asked to remove appliances to avoid overloading the circuits and to avoid fire hazards. All electrical appliances should be turned off when not in use.
  4. Refrigerators in residence halls must be no larger than 33” high or 19” wide. Only one refrigerator per room.
  5. Any appliance with an open flame or burner, including but not limited to candle warmers, hot plates, electric skillets, toaster ovens, toasters, counter top style grills, sandwich makers and woks are prohibited.
  6.  Halogen and other exposed bulb lamps are not permitted.   
  7. “UL Approved” power-strips with surge protectors not exceeding 15 amps must be used. 
  8. “UL Approved” Christmas tree lights designed specifically for indoor use may be used. No other forms of extension cords or multi-outlet extenders can be used.
  9. Neon lights, beer signs, fireworks, flammable liquids of any kind, and open flame devices, including but not limited to candles and incense, are not allowed in residence halls.
  10. Residents are prohibited from installing air conditioners or ceiling fans in their rooms. Students are prohibited from plugging air conditioner units into any other outlet not designated specifically for the unite.
  11. Space heaters are prohibited.
  12. All residence hall spaces are non-smoking.

Failure to comply with any of these fire safety requirements will minimally result in a $50 fine for first offense. Subsequent offenses may result in suspension or expulsion from the residence halls.