A downloadable PDF of the handbook is available at Rhodes College Student Handbook.

Official Recesses

Residence halls will remain open for Fall, Thanksgiving, Spring, and Easter recesses. Either the Refectory or the Lynx Lair will be open during Fall, Thanksgiving, Spring, and Easter recesses with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, however, the meal plan will not be in effect. Normal operating services are not available during break periods. Residence halls and dining venues will be closed during Winter Break. All students must temporarily vacate their assigned Rhodes College Housing during winter break and may not return until the published College opening date. Failure to abide strictly by these limitations may result in a fine of $100 per incidence/per day and/or other disciplinary action. Students who believe they are unable to leave campus due to extreme circumstances (e.g. homelessness, emancipated foster youth, inability to return to home country) may petition to reside on campus during the Winter Break. The petition form will be made available late in the fall semester. Submitting a petition to remain on campus during Winter Break does not guarantee a space will be available or that the petition will be approved.

Students who remain in the halls after the posted closing times or who arrive prior to halls opening may be asked to leave immediately, may be fined a fee per day, and may face disciplinary action.