A downloadable PDF of the handbook is available at Rhodes College Student Handbook.

Physical Plant and Maintenance

Routine maintenance may be requested via the Rhodes webpage. For emergency requests, call Physical Plant at 901-843-3870; if no answer or after hours, call Campus Safety at 901-843-3880. 

Students are responsible for cleaning assigned room. Housekeeping staff will clean community bathrooms/showers, laundry rooms, and common space. Residents in apartment-style units (East Village, West Village, Spann, and Parkway Hall) or suite style unit bathroom (Glassell, Blount, Robinson, Voorhies, and Voorhies-Townsend) or rooms in unit, are responsible for cleaning the suite, including common areas, bath/shower rooms, and kitchens.

Students are responsible for notifying Physical Plant directly or by the Work Order system of any items needing attention/repairs. These items include but are not limited to furniture, lighting, electrical, plumbing/leaks, HVAC, keys/locks, pest control, etc.