A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

III. Scope of Policy

  1. Affected Persons. 

    This Policy applies to all Rhodes students and employees, including faculty, administrators, regular staff employees, temporary employees, and seasonal employees.

  2. Jurisdiction. 

    To be covered by this Policy, the conduct or alleged conduct must have occurred either on campus or in a Rhodes controlled program or activity, whether such program or activity is on-campus or off-campus, including remote learning platforms. This Policy also applies to conduct occurring in any building owned or controlled by Rhodes or by a student organization that is officially recognized by Rhodes.

  3. Conduct and Persons Covered by this Policy. 

    This Policy is designed to address conduct that meets the definition of sexual harassment reported by (1) a person who is attempting to participate in a Rhodes education program or activity or (2) is currently participating in a Rhodes education program or activity.

  4. Conduct and Persons Not Covered by this Policy. 

    The College encourages anyone who has witnessed or experienced an incident of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct to report it regardless of where the incident occurred or who committed it. Even if a report concerns the actions of a person over whom Rhodes does not have jurisdiction, the College may take prompt action to provide for the safety and well-being of any affected person and the broader College community.

Complaints of sex discrimination other than sexual harassment may be made to the Title IX Coordinator, and will be addressed by the appropriate College official outside of this Policy.

The College is committed to addressing sexually-based misconduct regardless of whether it meets the definition of sexual harassment under Title IX or Title IX’s jurisdictional requirements. Please see Appendix A for procedures to report sexually-based misconduct not covered by this Policy.