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IX. Reporting Sexual Harassment

Anyone can report an incident of sexual harassment to Rhodes. A report can be made by any individual who is a victim of sexual harassment, who has observed sexual harassment, or who has knowledge of sexual harassment happening to or affecting someone else.

Rhodes strongly encourages all individuals to report incidents of sexual harassment even if the individual does not intend to pursue a formal complaint. Even if Rhodes does not have jurisdiction over the incident, Rhodes may take prompt action to provide supportive measures for the safety and well-being of any affected person and the broader Rhodes community. No person should assume that an incident has already been reported by someone else or that Rhodes already knows about a particular situation.

Making a report under this Policy does not affect a Complainant’s ability to pursue a criminal action against the Respondent through the criminal justice system. A Complainant may choose to make a report under this Policy, pursue remedies through the criminal justice system, or both. To the extent allowed by law, Rhodes will cooperate with any ongoing criminal investigation of the incident.

In order to make a report to Rhodes, a reporting individual may use any of the following:


  1. Report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator via email to TitleIX@rhodes.edu, or by calling 901-843-3354;

  2. Report the incident by submitting an online Report form available at http://sites.Rhodes.edu/TitleNine; or

  3. Report the incident to the Chief Human Resources Officer via email at sharpiroc@rhodes.edu or by calling 901-843-3750.

    A number of other individuals, including faculty, staff, resident assistants, and peer advocates, are considered mandatory reporters who must report all incidents of sexual harassment that they observe or know about to the Title IX Coordinator.