A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

VII. Amnesty for Violations of the College's Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use Policies for Reporters

The College recognizes that students involved (e.g. as witnesses, bystanders, third parties, or Complainants) who have violated the College’s drug and alcohol policy may be hesitant to report out of fear of sanction. Therefore, in order to encourage reporting in all situations, anyone who reports sexual harassment may be granted amnesty for any violation of the College’s drug and alcohol policy that occurred in connection with the reported incident. Rhodes intends to grant such amnesty for all but the most egregious violations of the College’s drug and alcohol policy; however, individuals who are not sanctioned may be provided with resources on drug and alcohol counseling and/or education, as appropriate.

Honor code violations and violations of codes or policies other than the drug and alcohol policy may still be referred to the appropriate College office(s).