A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Disciplinary Conduct Verification

Students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of activities at Rhodes, during which the student represents the College and/or is placed in a leadership position. Because of the nature of these opportunities, applications for these positions may include consideration of the applicant’s disciplinary record. 

Upon receipt of a signed release from the requesting student/alumni, Rhodes College will report to institutions or agencies outside the College only violations and/or outcomes that result in suspension or expulsion, regardless of the information that may specifically be requested by the institution/agency. 

Disciplinary records for students are maintained for seven (7) years post-graduation or separation from the College. Records of violations/outcomes for RSO/AGs are also maintained for seven (7) academic years.  If a student is suspended/expelled or the RSO/AG is suspended/removed from the campus, their records will be kept indefinitely.  To request your disciplinary/conduct records, complete the Disciplinary/Conduct Record Request Form by clicking here