A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.


The Rhodes Community depends on personal concern for one another, and our standards serve as a guide for our daily life. They allow the members of our diverse community to live in harmony, to interact effectively, and to learn from each other. These standards, by which we all agree to live, protect our personal freedom by encouraging a climate of trust, concern, and respect conducive to learning and growing.

Actions and attitudes that undermine this respect and concern are unacceptable. We strive instead to act in a way that promotes the pursuit of knowledge in an atmosphere of integrity, justice and truth. In order to do so we pledge to uphold the following standards:

  • “We pledge to treat the members of the Rhodes Community, that is, anyone who lives, works, or learns here, as well as those who visit the community, with conscientious respect, honor, kindness and even-handedness.”
  • “We pledge to respect the property of other members of the Community, treating all such property with care equal to or greater than that accorded our own property. Further, realizing that the property of Rhodes College, that is, its buildings and grounds and all-encompassed within, serves to benefit all members of the community, we pledge to preserve this property for others to use after us. Understanding that adherence to these standards is necessary to promote community spirit, we pledge to report violations.”
  • “Remembering that the reason the Rhodes Community exists is to promote the intellectual development of its members, we pledge to help create an environment that encourages reasoned discourse and action in a way that promotes this intellectual pursuit for everyone.”