The online version of the Student Handbook is currently undergoing revisions. For the latest version of the college handbook, please see the Rhodes College Student Handbook PDF (updated November 2022).


All student conduct proceedings at Rhodes allow for an appeal of the outcome of the hearing. For administrative hearings, the appellate officer will be the Dean of Students.  For appeals of hearings before the CSC, the appellate officer will be the Community Standards Appeals Committee, which is chaired by the Dean of Students and composed of a representative from Academic Affairs and a student representative, usually the President of the Honor Council. For appeals of an Honor Council decision, the appellate officer will be the Faculty Appeals Committee, composed of faculty and staff.

Whether from an administrative, Honor Council or CSC decision, the appeal must be in writing, written by the student and not a third party, and is limited to three grounds:

  1. The student believes that the hearing procedure was not followed; and/or
  2. The student believes the sanctions imposed were inappropriate for the violation of College policy; and/or
  3. The student has new and relevant information, sufficient to alter the decision, that was unknown or unavailable to them at the time of the original hearing.

Appeals that are not based on one or more of the above grounds may be dismissed without further meeting or action. As with the original hearing, legal counsel may not attend any appeals hearing.  Any advice or assistance of counsel must be obtained prior to the hearing.

While an appeal is pending, the student may continue to attend their courses and participate in College life as usual, unless they are under interim removal from campus. Additional limitations on personal contact and/or participation in College-related events or activities may be imposed while the appeal is pending.  

After hearing the appeal, the appellate officer may:

  • For administrative appeals, uphold the original decision and/or sanction, or may choose to render a new decision and/or sanction.   
  • For Community Standards Council appeals, sustain the decision of the Council or recommend that the Council reconsider its decision or sanction(s).  
  • For Honor Council appeals, sustain the decision of the Honor Council or return the case to the Honor Council for reconsideration with remarks and suggestions.  

An appeal will not result in a more severe sanction for the accused student.  The decision of the appellate officer is final.