A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Class Schedules

Each winter, department chairs in consultation with department members generate a schedule of classes to be taught in their department for the next academic year. These course schedules are then submitted to the Registrar and then to the Office of Academic Affairs. The schedule is updated prior to the registration for each semester.

After a semester starts, officers of instruction may vary from the official class schedule with respect to class meeting days and/or times, but such variation must be done with the approval of the department chair and the knowledge of the Registrar.

Classroom assignments are made by the Registrar in consultation with the department chair. Assignment of “smart classrooms,” those with special technical and electronic equipment, is made only upon written request of the Registrar because of the high demand for those rooms. Some departments have priority for certain classrooms (e.g.,natural science courses in Frazier-Jelke, psychology courses on the first floor of Clough Hall). Rooms which appear to be vacant at the beginning of a semester may have been left so purposely to accommodate discussion groups or other arrangements later in the semester. Classroom changes may not be made without the Registrar’s approval.

Faculty members should ensure that classroom activities do not extend beyond the assigned class period. To do so is unfair both to professors and the students who expect to use that classroom or who may have a class in the next class period. Any exceptions such as for learning disabilities or language difficulties should also avoid interference with other classes. Faculty members must confirm documented learning disabilities and approved accommodations with the Coordinator of Disability Services for Students before granting any accommodations.