A downloadable PDF version of the handbook is available at College Employee Handbook.

Office Assignments

Faculty offices are assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs. Requests for changes in office assignments may be made in the spring to the Office of Academic Affairs. Arrangements are made in late spring and early summer so that any changes in faculty offices can be effected over the summer.

Faculty members may secure keys for offices and for the outside door of their office building from the Administrative Services Office. Faculty who are not returning for the next academic year are expected to vacate their offices by June 30. If any faculty member wishes to remain beyond that time, he or she must submit a request for an extension to the Vice President for Academic Affairs who will determine whether space is available or not.

Faculty offices are furnished with a desk, desk chair, shelving for books, a filing cabinet, and side chair. Office equipment may be augmented by purchases supported by departmental funds, or by appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for special consideration.

The College provides a desk-top computer in each faculty office connected to the College information services network. Servicing and replacement of this computer is provided by the College. The College provides a standard computer for each faculty office to run campus standard software applications. The standard configuration for hardware and software is posted on the ITS website. ITS normally replaces these computers on a three-year cycle. ITS provides all support services for standard hardware and software installations only. A member of the Faculty who is not reappointed for the next academic year or whose appointment status involves a terminal year for the next academic year may no longer have access to ITS services or ITS-maintained services, including but not limited to email, account privileges on the network or an office computer.