A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Guests and Visitors

Guests On Campus

Guest are expected to remain under the auspices of their host and the host bears the responsibility for the guest’s behavior in compliance with campus policy. Host responsibilities for a guest should not be transferred from one person to another. Guest are not permitted during finals and senior week.

Overnight Guests

Rhodes permits 24-hour visitation if the student first secures the verbal approval their roommate(s) and/or suite-mate(s) before the arrival of any visitors.  A roommate's right to free access to the room/apartment at all times, privacy, study time, or sleep must not be compromised because of a guest. Any student wishing to entertain a guest, whether of the same or opposite sex, must have the permission of the roommate(s).

The College does not allow cohabitation and cannot ignore any infraction of this policy that comes to its attention. Cohabitation is defined as a guest spending the night more than three consecutive nights. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action.


Visitors without a host bear the responsibility themselves for compliance with campus policy. Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and non-disruptive manner. Visitors are not permitted during finals and senior week.

Trespass Notice

A Criminal Trespass Notice may be issued by any Campus Safety or Rhodes official when it is determined that an individual’s continued presence on campus poses a significant threat to the health, safety, welfare, or academic experience of members of the College community. Regardless of whether such notice has been issued, any individual who is deemed to have committed a crime may be subject to arrest by the Memphis Police Department.