A downloadable PDF of the handbook is currently being updated.

Missing Student Policy

The Rhodes College missing student policy relates to students who reside in on-campus student housing. Rhodes College will report to the appropriate contract person and to the Memphis Police Department any student who has been determined to be missing from campus for 24 hours or more.

If any member of the Rhodes community believes that a student who lives in on-campus housing has been missing from campus for at least 24 hours, one of the individuals or organizations on the list  below should be contacted.

  • Dean of Students
  • Director of Residence Life
  • Director of Campus Safety
  • Rhodes College Campus Safety
  • Memphis Police Department

When a campus official other than Campus Safety receives a report that a student is missing, the report must be referred to Campus Safety immediately for investigation. The Campus Safety Department will initiate a “Missing Student” report. The College will take reasonable and prudent steps to locate the student. Campus Safety may contact the Memphis Police Department for assistance in its investigation.

Students can identify a contact person whom Rhodes College shall notify within 24 hours of the determination, either by Campus Safety or the Memphis Police Department, that a student is missing.

This contact information will be confidential and will be accessible only to authorized campus officials, and will be disclosed only to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of the missing student investigation.

Once a student has been determined to be missing, Rhodes College will take the following actions no later than 24 hours from the determination:

  1. Notify the emergency contact person named by the missing student. Notification will be made by all methods of contact provided by the missing student.
  2. Notify the student’s custodial parent or legal guardian if the missing student is under the age of 18 and not emancipated.
  3. Notify the Memphis Police Department if it was not already involved in the missing person investigation.